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A Pocono Pesach
Let me share a secret with you! There's something big happening in the Pocono mountains. Shhhhh! Don't try to guess, that's how rumors start!  I'll share the facts with you.

Destinations and Yossi Zablocki, master of kosher hotel programs, have created a brand new concept in Pesach programming.

Pesach at Bushkill Inn & Conference Center is what you always wished someone had done, but no one ever did. Here's what it's all about.

Take a moment to relax and imagine:

This Erev Pesach you load your car for a really short trip! Not once do you hear the question, "Are we there yet?", because Bushkill is only about 1 hour away from NYC! 

You arrive at the hotel, and immediately notice the grounds. There's grass, a playground, basketball courts... wow! All this just miles out of NYC.

You are greeted by smiling faces, eager to help you get registered & settle in to the perfect accommodations. 

And then, the fun (and eating) begins. The program is so full of awesome specials, it's hard to choose what to do! 

Children are entertained in the fabulous full-day day camp program. They are so busy playing sports, crafting, listening to amazing stories, jumping on moon bounces, watching shows and having a blast with their counselors that you barely see them! (It's a good thing they do need to come back to sleep!)

The ladies are also busy! They are off to super fun fitness classes, creating gorgeous paintings with talented artists, relaxing at spa nights where they can sample amazing skin care products, and occasionally tasting those decadent cakes in the round-the-clock tea room (and then it's back to fitness class!)

And there is plenty to keep the gentlemen entertained too. Shooting hoops, checking out the barbecue, laughing at the hilarious comedy shows, and catching lectures by the talented speakers on an amazing variety of topics. This is relaxation...ahhhh.

Family time is filled with on-ground and off-ground attractions. Fabulous concerts and shows, nearby horseback riding, hikes on the grounds and nearby- there's never a dull moment.

So where did this idea come from? For years, Destinations has been running a sold-out Pesach program at Honor's Haven Resort and Spa, the most luxurious hotel in the Catskill.  This year the program was sold out as early as November (with guests only occasionally getting rooms off their wait-list), so Yossi went looking for another resort that was on the same level as his flagship program. Bushkill Inn & Conference Center was the perfect option. Built on acres of Pocono beauty, with waterfalls, lakes and miles of walking trails, this resort is in a class by itself. With both elegantly appointed large guest rooms and Luxury Jacuzzi Cabin Suites right across from the main building, the resort was the perfect destination for large Orthodox families. Why spend eight days cramped in a small space, when you can have a large hotel room or luxury suite?

Yossi's next focus was on programming. His Honor's Haven programming was such a success, he needed to make this program stand out. Cut to Sara Younger, Director of Playland Parties. The addition of Sara as Program Director takes Pesach programming at Bushkill to new heights. With her own brand of unique energy and tremendous enthusiasm, it will be hard for guests to keep up! Already planned are adult activities such as a Lady's Spa night and Card nights, parenting and relationship lectures, and multiple daily exercise and Zumba classes, as well as extravagant night time shows. For kids, there are Petting Zoos, Carnivals, Circus Acts, Magic Shows, and an elaborate Teen Program.

And food? What Pesach program would be complete without an extravagant meal plan? Mark Hametz of Kay Caterers brings his culinary and catering expertise to provide a top notch food program filled with extravagant tea rooms, cocktail parties and gourmet dining.

And there you have it. The recipe for the perfect Pesach program.

But back to reality. This does not have to be a dream! It's real and available to you for a limited time! 

Yossi & his all-star team are still accepting reservations for this unique program. But, don't wait! Call TODAY! Because a program this great is going to sell out fast! (Call 845-794-6000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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