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Check out our activities below! Show information COMING SOON!

 Bouncehouses  Daily blow up carnival - not just once over Pesach, but each day of chol hamoed Destinations presents our blow up carnival bounce houses and slides.



                                               Daily Shows:
Grimmly brothers Circus: The circus is in town, clowns, balloons,
face painting and more!
hilby-ballsjpg-3b353073af9ee177_large.jpeg hilby4-med-1.jpeg The Amazing Juggling of Hilby!!

   Hilby is a clever, funny and extremeley skilled Juggler that will keep crowds of all ages entertained!
Exotic animal show: See a wallaby; fennec fox, aferret; african crested or prehensile tailed porcupine; an egu; australian sugar glider; patagonian cavy; skunk; coatimundi; *chinchilla; kinkajou; conure; umbrella cockatoo; blue & gold macaw; and more in our special exotic animal show Our wildlife presenters will entertain and educate you! Every program you see will make you want to take a proactive role in protecting the wildlife of our world! Magic shows, juggling acts, ballon shows and more.
 weinrebBros.jpeg        THE WEINREB BROTHERS

A night of jewish music with the weinreb brothers.
An up and coming carlebach styke band sure to rock honors haven.              


   gunthrie4.jpeg                                                                                                     THE GUTHRIE BROTHERS

Jeb and Jock Guthrie share their passion for great vocal music with their audiences. They perform music with startling authenticity in an unplugged acoustic style.


 Teen activities - Join us on our teen trips, sport tournamnets, horseback riding, hiking adventures and more

   Adult activities: Pesach entertainment is not just for kids. Nightly shows featuring the best in Jewish Music, Broadway Classics, Comedy, Magic and all around fun entertainment will fill your schedule till you scream DAYENU. Our after show tea room bashes will help you put on those pounds, but worry not. Our complete packed day time program will help you work those pounds right off.


Other Activities Nearby



Fantastic Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Center in Nearby Chester, New York

 Monticello Casino

Spend a Fun Filled Day or Evening at Monticello Casino & Horse Raceway


Shop at Nearby Woodbury Common Premium Outlets - "a Bargain Hunter's Dream"

 Forsyth Nature Center

Visit Forsyth Nature Center - "a Fun and Interactive Experience"

 Skate Time

Welcome to Skate Time 209 Family Entertainment Center


Visit Mohonk Preserve - Chosen as one of five "Best City Escape" by Outside Magazine

 Bowling Lanes

Spend a Fun Filled Family Day or Evening at Ellenville Bowling Lanes (845) 647-2695 Address: 8109 Route 209 Ellenville, NY 12428


Enjoy a scenic trail ride through the spectacular Hudson Valley, only 15 short minutes away in Greenfield


Enjoy horseback riding, pony rides, Discovery Zoo featuring both farm and exotic animals, petting zoo and paint ball.

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P O Box 1318
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